Concrete Removal Services in Michigan

A lot of building projects will begin with the demolition phase.

Concrete removal is one of the more challenging aspects of demo work on a project of any scale. Removing another structure’s wall, slab, or concrete portion requires the right tools, equipment, skills, and experience.

Our team can provide concrete removal services for everything from industrial to small residential projects. 

We offer concrete-cutting services in Michigan that are perfect for any construction job that requires concrete removal of openings, walls, and entryways. Read more on how our process works below.

Concrete removal Michigan

Concrete Demolition Services 

Concrete remains one of the most used materials in commercial and residential construction. Builders like to use concrete because of how easy it goes down during the building process. However, even though it installs easily, removing concrete from a work site can prove quite difficult. After all, both reinforced concrete and standard concrete are made to withstand years of heavy use. We handle the headaches of concrete demolition for your project. Whether you need a simple residential patio removal or an industrial demolition project, we have the skills and resources to do the job.

What To Expect During the Concrete Removal Process 

Removing concrete requires planning and careful execution to ensure the project stays within its timeline and budget.  Delegating this task to an inexperienced team could easily double the amount of time and money you spend on the project. Whether you are looking to get rid of superficial cracks, damaged concrete that impacts the integrity of the structure or simply have a large area that needs to be repaired or disposed of, concrete removal services will certainly benefit your project.

Why Hire a Professional Concrete Removal Service?

Did you know it takes a lot more effort to get rid of concrete than it does to put it in? This is why you’re going to want to turn to the concrete removal professionals. There’s a lot of risk that comes with handling concrete demolition by yourself. Risks include damage to surrounding structures and the chance of injury on site. It’s important that the work site stays organized and safe while concrete is being removed to minimize the danger.

Choosing an unlicensed or inexperienced contractor for the job could end in disaster in different ways. Be sure you’re choosing a professional and reputable concrete removal service that uses the proper tools for a truly efficient demolition. Get in touch with us for more information on our professional services. Learn how to advance your specific project today.

The benefits of hiring a professional to remove concrete, like American Pavement, include:

  • Safety: Breaking up old concrete creates safety risks. When you break concrete, shards can fly out and hit you, for example, or the people around you. You need the right safety gear, and the proper equipment, and not having these things could mean one small error leads to major injuries or damage to the structure or property you’re working on. 
  • Cost: Unfortunately, there’s a misconception that doing your own concrete removal is going to save you money. When all is said and done, it will probably cost more to try and do it yourself, and you may still need to bring in professionals. 
  • Expertise: It seems simple initially, but concrete removal is more complex than most people realize. For example, the concrete might have steel bars, which need to be considered during removal. It also has to be considered whether water pipes are running under the concrete, wires, or cables.

Get In Touch For Your Next Project 

Don’t turn to unlicensed contractors or other inexperienced businesses. The potential for disaster isn’t worth the small amount of money that you might think you’re saving. When you use our concrete removal services, you will not have to worry. Finish the project in an agreeable time frame, and with a quality end result that wouldn’t be achieved otherwise.

American Pavement Sawing offers multiple drilling, sawing, and concrete cutting services in Michigan. Contact us today for more information.

Concrete Removal Services FAQs

Getting rid of a lot of concrete is something that’s going to require expertise. A professional concrete removal service can come to the site, safely remove concrete, and provide seamless services from start to finish. If you try to make this a DIY project, it’s dangerous, and you run the risk of damaging other structures. 

It’s not recommended that you remove concrete yourself. You would need at a minimum a sledgehammer, but probably more equipment than that. It’s labor-intensive, which is why the best option is to hire a professional Michigan concrete removal services provider.

It’s dirty, dangerous, and difficult to remove concrete. It’s not recommended that you do this work on your own. 

The average costs to remove concrete vary significantly, especially depending on the scope of your project. Contact us for an estimate.

We have all the needed tools to break up concrete, including not just jackhammers but heavier-duty machinery as well.