Customers in Detroit and throughout Southeast Michigan will benefit from our service due to our quick response to jobs. We provide same day service, when possible and have the equipment in order to complete a job in a satisfactory manner.

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Serving Detroit & Southeast Michigan

Our company delivers high quality work and service. Along with excellent job performance, we also pride ourselves on customer service. We are quick to respond to calls and are able to show up to jobs on time. Our experience in cutting and rigging for structural removals stems from being in business since 1989. In addition to that, we also excel in fast service times in comparison to our competitors. Customers in will always have the highest value of service when working with our company. American Pavement Sawing has the ability to cut concrete, steel, brick and block when wall sawing.

This service is used for doors, windows, HVAC expansions, egress applications, elevators, escalators, and more. We are self-sufficient and are able to bring our own water and power supply. For specific questions, give us a call!

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A commonly asked question of our wall sawing service is, “How deep are you able to cut?”. The answer to that question is that we have the ability to cut 24” deep from one side. We also get asked if we are able to cut inside a building. The answer is YES. We can usually wire in to house power to run our saws, seamlessly.

Repairing and modifying tough construction materials such as concrete is a common task for builders. This challenging task requires specialized equipment to get the results needed. This is especially true when vertical, curved, and angled surfaces are in need of modification or repair. With these surfaces, not only are you dealing with hardened materials, you’re also fighting against gravity and the elevation of the surface that needs to be cut. When you consider this, you can see why this creates a challenge for builders. The majority of construction work happens on horizontal areas that are level. However, when the need arises to modify uneven areas such as vertical and angled surfaces, a wall saw is often necessary. A wall saw is a piece of equipment is specifically made to provide efficient cuts in challenging construction areas.

OUR wall sawing equipment

The equipment that we use wall sawing are track saw systems, which can be either hydraulic or electric. When sawing we can incorporate hydraulic hand saws, ring saws and/or chain saws. They can be used for multiple types of concrete removal; that is either vertical or horizontal. We have hydraulic and electrics saws, handsaws, ring saws and chainsaws. Because of this, a combination of those covers a wide range of services and can be used to complete our jobs. Wall sawing applies to any application for concrete removal. This can be either vertical or horizontal. Our contact information is below, so please call with any and all questions.

You might be wondering how a wall saw operates differently than other concrete cutting services like a flat saw. While both of these saws use the same diamond blade, wall saws have a track system which keeps them aligned while in operation. The track mounted wall saw system combined with the thin blade perfectly guides the saw to make precise and accurate cuts each and every time. The precise wall saw method removes very little material outside of the desired cutting areas, minimizing waste. When you compare wall saws to other methods such as hand saws, they do not produce nearly as much vibration. This helps with efficiency and safety on site.

when to use wall sawing

Are you wondering if using a wall saw is appropriate for your specific project? Some of the various uses include cutting and enlarging openings for windows, doors, vents, and vault installations. They can be used to make cuts for stair installation and chamfered edges. Wall saws are an appropriate option for modifying walls that already exist and creating overhead doors in a space. Contact us to see if wall sawing is the correct choice for your project! Wall sawing can be used in all phases from start to finish, so it’s a convenient tool for builders to take advantage of.

It’s important to use a wall saw when you have a challenging, uneven work surface. If you decide to cut corners by trying to rig your own system using some other type of saw, you will not have the same polished quality of work that a wall saw provides. Plus, you are dramatically increasing the risk of injuries on the job site whenever you aren’t using the proper tools. Since the areas that can benefit the most from a wall saw are often uneven and tricky to work in, you can see how the risk for injuries increases even more. It’s simply not worth it to cut corners on your project! A professional wall sawing provider is the best choice when it comes to the completing your project on time and on budget with specialized equipment.