Michigan Core Drilling Service

At American Pavement Sawing of Michigan, we’re experienced, professional core drillers, bringing to each project not only expertise but also the necessary equipment to make sure your project is done efficiently and correctly. We’re based in the suburbs of Detroit and work with clients throughout Michigan and neighboring states to meet their core drilling needs. 

Core drilling is the process of removing material in the shape of a cylinder using a specific hollow drill. The process is used in construction as well as mining, and engineering. We can use our core drills to cut holes in materials and extract materials if they need to be studied. Core drilling is the safest and most effective way to drill through concrete. Core drilling applications are found in plumbing, HVAC and structural testing, electrical work, draining, and more. 

In construction projects, core drilling is used for municipal and commercial projects, interior renovations, and also in the building of apartment buildings and even bridges. We work across industries, partnering with clients on their commercial projects.

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Michigan Core Drilling Services 

The edge that we have over our competition hinges on our service. Our company prides itself on arriving to the the job quickly. We  run multiple drills in order to give our customers the quickest production. In addition to that, we provide core drilling services from different angles, upside down and through many different types of hard material.

How It Works

You can count on receiving both quality and professionalism from our company. American Pavement Sawing proudly provides high quality work and fast response times to calls and jobs. Because of this, we do not require any tools or supplies from our customers. Different than our competition, we provide our own water and power supplies. 

When it comes to renovation, remodeling, and construction, the success of the project often relies on core drilling. A core drill is a special tool that drills holes in strong building materials like masonry work and concrete. This device drills precise holes to give access to different areas of the project that otherwise hard to access.

Core drills drill at many different depths and angles which makes them a great option for builders.

Our Capabilities

Our company cores for excavating companies in manholes, fence contractors, bollard post installation, utility detection, mechanical lines, dryer vents, signposts, and etc.

The equipment we use for our core drilling services includes both electric and hydraulic drill motors. This equipment allows us to drill holes anywhere from 7/8” to 48” in diameter. We can also core drill to any depth. 

If there are specification to your job that may seem challenging, our experience allows us to execute the job properly.With the ability to drill up to 48” diameter or stitch drill or wire saw larger diameters, the depth that we can saw is unlimited with core drilling.

Finally, we can core inside or outside. From different angles, upside down. American Pavement Sawing can drill through all hard materials, stone, granite, marble, concrete, asphalt, brick, block, fire brick and more.

What Is the Process of Core Drilling?

The core drilling process involves using a specially made hollow centered drill bit. The drill bits for these specialized tools are made from industrial diamonds, and they come in a plethora of diameters, from half of an inch up to five feet. There are many materials that can be drilled using a core drill, including various types of concrete, stone, and masonry. The water cooling system of the core drilling process allows it to work efficiently without overheating
After the drill has reached the desired point, it is then reversed. When it is reversed, a cylinder or core is extracted from the material, leaving a precise hole if done correctly. This hole gives builders and construction workers access to the desired point within the zone without affecting the integrity of the structure.

What is Core Drilling Used For?

Core drilling is most utilized on construction sites to open up access for structures such as HVAC ducts, power and phone lines, plumbing lines, and light fixtures. It can be used to alter sewer drains and make any type of opening in hard material. In some cases, core drills are used for something called stitch drilling. This is a method of demolition that uses a core drill to create holes that overlap each other, removing the material along the way.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of your reason for needing core drilling services, there are many reasons why you’re going to want to leave the core drilling to the professionals! While it might seem like a simple process, it is not something to skimp on in your budget. Knowledge and experience is required to operate a core drill in a safe and accurate manner. The last thing you want is a hole cut incorrectly or severely damaged structures due to an inexperienced core drill operator
A professional core driller will use the correct size and ensure that the equipment is kept cool during the process. If a hole is drilled improperly, it could potentially keep you from getting the needed licensing and certifications during the building process. The last thing you want is to deal with an inspection nightmare!

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Our Michigan core drilling services will benefit your building or renovation journey when you consider our experienced staff and quality equipmentWhether you need to drill through reinforced concrete or other aggregate materials, we’ve got you coveredEfficient core drilling will make sure that your project is completed on time and on budget, improving your bottom line.
American Pavement Sawing offers multiple drilling, sawing, and concrete cutting services in Michigan. Contact us today for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a core drill used for?

A core drill can be used for various purposes, including extracting a material to be examined. In construction and similar applications, core drills are used for installing ventilation, heating, and air systems, creating passages for plumbing or drainage pipes, creating spaces for electrical wiring, and more. 

Can you core drill through rebar?

A core drill can easily cut through rebar, so holes can go in the best positions. It is more complicated to drill through rebar, which is why you should work with an experienced service provider. 

Can you core drill at an angle?

A core drill can work at an angle, which we’re experienced with. 

How long does core drilling take?

Core drilling is a project that widely varies in scope and how long it takes. The process involves setup and leveling, as well as cleanup. The cutting might take just a couple of hours, but for the entire process to be complete, it can take around ten hours.