Are you considering wire sawing for your project? Challenges at your project call for specialized equipment in order to be completed on time and on budget.

Wire Sawing Michigan


Wire saws are machines that are made up of abrasive braided wires infused with diamonds. Attached to an hydraulic wheel, looped wires can cut through a variety of materials at even the thickest depths. It’s a suitable option for builders to consider for materials such as brick, stone, steel, granite, and concrete. This type of saw was first used in the early mining industry, and has grown to be a common tool in the construction industry. 

Wire sawing is an option that builders can take advantage of when they have a difficult project that can’t be completed with another type of saw or removal process. If a traditional saw hasn’t been working for your project or you’ve reached a new challenge, here is some information on how wire sawing could be a great option for you.


Builders prefer to use wire saws for challenging projects because of their flexibility. Work sites with heavy, solid materials or confined spaces that are hard to navigate will benefit from wire sawing. Completing the project is easier to do when wire sawing is utilized for removing large areas of challenging material like reinforced concrete. 

Wire sawing is popular for projects that involve reinforced rebar, steel encased concrete, concrete encased steel beams, as well as concrete retaining surface walls. Wire sawing is one of the best ways to remove large areas of concrete that have been damaged. It’s also efficient in the sense that you aren’t going to have to cut out more material than what you need due to the saw being able to navigate even the smallest of spaces. This is a positive aspect when you consider your budget.


You can count on wire saws to complete the tough project that’s on your to do list. Wire sawing has a small impact on the environment when compared to other methods of removal. This is because wire saws primarily use water as a cooling system depending on the material that is being cut on the site. 

There is also reduced risk for noise pollution with minimal vibration produced from the machine which is advantageous if you’re working in a populated area. Wire saws are safe to operate as the worker will be operating it from a distance. This type of saw can even perform under water and other challenging work environments considering it’s flexibility to cut in any direction or depth.


You need an experienced company to help you with your wire sawing needs! Our top of the line wire saws will undoubtedly get your project completed efficiently. We’re proud to take on even the toughest of challenges with our wire sawing services. There’s no limit to the possibilities that wire saws can complete. Contact us for more information on what we can do to help you complete your specific project.


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