Safety on the job site is of utmost importance to you and to us. This holds especially true whenever construction or demolition takes place. Because of this, we adhere to many rules and regulations for our industry.

safety bollards michigan


When you’re trusting a company with the safety of a work site, you expect the absolute best. Safety isn’t only important for workers who work on site. It’s also vital for pedestrians and other individuals traveling around the area. We provide safety bollards at all our job sites to ensure safety, even with areas that have high foot traffic. We make sure even the most challenging spaces stat safe for everyone.

Imagine if a vehicle, machine, or individual ended up causing damage or sustaining injury because they entered a restricted space. This could cost you money, time, and even your reputation. Because of this, safety bollards exist for all sorts of projects and spaces. Not only do they prevent any possible damage to the area, but they also prevent injuries that might occur. Safety bollards provide an effective and low cost form of barrier protection that can work both short term and long term. This is what makes safety bollards so flexible!


You’re probably already familiar with safety bollards in your day to day life, seeing them at places such as retail locations, loading docks, and medical facilities. Safety bollards are made to keep people and vehicles out of unsafe areas with durability in mind. 

The core of a safety bollard is constructed from concrete which is then covered in steel. After that, a bright yellow cover is put on top to ensure supreme visibility, even in dark or foggy conditions. These structures can be used in a multitude of job sites, whether they are indoor or outdoor. The physical protection and visual barrier that bollards bring to a site happen to be beneficial in many different ways

When you get in touch with our team, we will give you all of the pertinent information you need about our safety bollards at work sites. After a quick survey of the space where we will be working, we can give you an accurate quote.

HOW safety bollards MAKE A JOB SITE SAFe

To put it simply, safety bollards offer a visible barrier that helps to direct foot traffic, vehicles, and other machinery away from areas that aren’t safe for them to be in. This means you will deal with less accidents at your job site, and you’ll have a clearly organized work space that is safe for everybody who is involved. These protective barriers will help you complete this project on time and without any workplace accidents, and this helps your bottom line when all is said and done

If you need more information on the safety services we provide, get in touch.